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About Onlinetrader

Onlinetrader is the ultimate solution for traders to scale up their trading career.
It is designed for professional traders who want to operate a self hosted copytrading (account management) service, signal providing platform, portfolio management platform & membership platform for offering trading education and mentorship. Onlinetrader simplifies the management process of these services.
With a secure and compelling mobile-first design, together with a default front-end design, it only take few minutes to setup your own platform.


Why Onlinetrader ?

Signal Providing Module

Connect a private telegram channel and sell signals to your followers, (this module includes a telegram bot for easy signal management).

Get a signal website

Managed Account Module

Our web based tradecopier will enable you to go beyond trading for family and friends. Create a strategy account and let eligible investors copy your trades, make more money by accepting a subscription for account management. No VPS or EA required.

Get a MAM website

Membership Module

Create enlightenment, boost your followers knowledge, and offer mentorship with paid courses

KYC (Know your Customer)

Be compliance ready! The know your customer guidelines in financial services require that professionals make an effort to verify the identity, and suitability of their clients.

Advanced Security

Onlinetrader uses a high level of Internet Security, our platform and server is highly secured! SSL security encryption to ensure that your Server is completely protected from malicous contents, and many more security measures.

Google Translator

You don't have to worry about what language your clients understand. Google Translate is integrated to help translate words from one language into another.

More Features

Five level referral system

Involve your users with multi-level affiliate system, They can earn even more.

2fa Verification system

Give your users ultimate security with 2FA authentication system 🛡

Live chat management

Never miss an opportunity again by leveraging the live chat support system.

Unique dashboard

Make your site unique by switching between different looks.

Internal email notification system

Notifify your users on important updates internally or via email with manual or automatic notification system. 🔔

Advanced User & Admin Control

Using the Admin control feature, you can effortlessly credit/Debit User, Set Withdrawal restriction and many more .

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a powerful security feature, to protect your user from unauthorised access and impersonation.

Your favourite payment gateways integrated

Onlinetrader support various payments gateway in order to offer a wide range of options and convenience to your customers e.g PayPal, Stripe(creditcard), Paystack (Credit card and transfers), Coinpayment(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin), Wire transfer option, etc.

Simple Pricing


$12   $9.99/month

I am a trader, I do not need a self hosted platform, a simple trade copier is all I need right now.
  • A dedicated copytrading dashboard
  • $9.99/month/account
  • No technical work required
  • Future Updates
  • Priority support
  • Cloud hosted

Regular license

One time fee


Trade copier attracts $9.99/month/account
  • Self hosted
  • Membership module
  • Signal module
  • MAM module
  • One time cost
  • A self-hosted platform with all features
  • No technical works required
  • Future Updates
  • Priority support

Extended license

One time fee


Trade copier attracts $9.99/month/account
  • Self hosted
  • Membership module
  • Signal module
  • MAM module
  • A self-hosted platform with all features
  • No technical works required
  • Future Updates
  • Priority support
  • Install in multiple domains

Onlinetrader is hosted and delivered by envato marketplace, hence, our license or usage policy is according to envato market terms. Learn more about envato license policy

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