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AWS S3 Storage

How to use AWS S3 Storage

What is AWS S3?

AWS provides a dedicated service to upload files to Amazon s3 easily and quickly.AWS S3 is a mass storage service, virtually unlimited with really impressive advantages.

To get started with AWS S3, do the following

* Go to this link to set up an S3 bucket

* Click on Create Bucket and enter a name (names of the buckets are shared among the entire Amazon S3 network, so if you create a bucket, nobody else can use that name for a new bucket).Create Bucket

* Now we need to create a bucket policy, so we need to go to this link. To generate a proper policy you need to get the following image and select DeleteObject, GetObject, and PutObject as actions..

* This JSON result will be put in the Bucket Policy tab located Here

* Now we will goHere to get our Access Key Id and Secret Access Key to put them on our .env file.

* Thats all.