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Admin Account

How to create an administrator account in your onlinetrader website

What is Administrator Account?

Administrator Account means an account with elevated privileges that allows users to make changes that affect other Users or configuration settings (e.g. change security settings, install software and hardware, access all files on a system or make changes to other user accounts).

Steps on how to create an Admin Account :

Note:- Admin with type “Admin” can manage everything in the system except Administrators, Frontend Control and Website Settings.

  • Log in with the super admin details that you setup during the software installation
  • On the sidebar click Administrators Drop Down
  • Then click on Add Manager
  • Enter the manager details and select the Admin Type (Admin or Super Admin)
  • You’re done, Now you can send the admin his/her login details to start managing your website.
  • To add more control on what “Admin can see or not see” please contact our live chat Support