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Admin login update

admin login issue fix

Hello friends, we are sincerely sorry for this login issue.
We have been working to solve it permanently and we have an update ready in this regard which we will push very soon.

However, to make things easy for you and to avoid delays, kindly follow the steps here to apply the update.


1.0. Backup your files and database.

1.1. Download the update file from here, if you using version 5.x.

1.2.  Download the update file from here, if you using version 4.x.

2. Upload it to your server and extract it on your installation root folder to overwrite old files.

3. After extracting, kindly visit your domain/install and follow the installation process up to the point of activation.

4. After activation is done, kindly repeat the login again. This should solve it.

5. If you get an invalid purchase code message and you are sure that you are using a correct and valid purchase code, then send us the code at for reset.


NOTE: Do not complete installation, you are to activate only and stop the process when activation is done.

Again, please accept our apologies for the inconveniences.

With regards
Team Brynapps.