Last updated 1 month ago




=> Fixed permission issue during installation
=> Admin default login details removed. Admin can now setup his own login details during installation
=> Improved flexibility


=> Fixed known bugs
=> Added metaAPI support


=> Applied patch


=> Updated installer


=> Fixed Known Bugs
=> Added Symbol Mapping to copytrade module
=> Auto post trade signals to telegram channel as you trade
=> IB link management
=> Added two trading charts to user dashboard
=> Onlinetrader is now packed with two dashboards
=> Switch between dashboards
=> You can now specify if you want to use Onlinetrader trade copier API or manual mode
=> Added cache management and caching API calls to improve page speed and performances.


=> Rearranged admin end to create more flexibility
=> Added more metrics to admin end
=> Option to distinguish between mt4 and mt5 when submitting trading account - MAM module. 
=> Added limit orders to signals trade types - Signal module. 
=> Bug fix: user profile, password reset, KYC images 
=> Changed default mail driver to sendmail to avoid errors for those that did not configure smtp
=> Confirmation modal before deleting on manage: withdrawals, deposits, inv. plans, signals.  


=> Admin can upload/change user dashboard theme
=> Bug Fix: Confirm password removed from users withdrawal action
=> Bug fix: user transferring money to themselves has been fix
=> Password strength has been increased
=> Optimized code


=> Fixed error on paypal
=> Fixed error on admin login


=> Fixed error on topup method
=> Fixed error on process deposits


=> Improved KYC
=> Fixed error on telegram bot.
=> Fixed other bugs.


=> Signal module, membership module and tradecopier added
=> you can choose how you want to run the system by disabling modules that you don't need.
=> Admin can set if users should be able to cancel their active plan or not.
=> KYC Verification process changed and optimzied.
=> Admin can specify if they want users to complete kyc verificaion upon sign up.
=> Added investment countdown to expirtaion on active investment on user dashboard.
=> Added USDT as default withdrawal method in user account.
=> Login and Registration pages redesigned.
=> Sending Email to users have be restructured as email Services.
=> Integrated Binance Pay for ONLY USDT PAYMENT.
=> Multi-color dashboard option.
=> Fixed ROI bug and others.
=> Better code structure.
=> Improved security and others.


=> Changed user dashboard design
=> New structure.
=> Fixed error on automatic installer.
=> Fixed other bugs noticed on the last release.
=> Code optimization, and others.


=> Added CRM feature to admin end
=> Transfer funds page redesigned and charges have been added to it.
=> Forgot password feature now added to admin to reset admin password
=> Admin can now see Active investment plans and can perform actions on them.
=> Admin can select multiple users and perform action on them at once.
=> Admin can specify if capital should return to users after their inv period or not.
=> Fixed known bugs
=> Code optimization, and others.


=> Added user to user wallet transfer
=> Admin can now specify minimum deposit amount
=> Admin now receives email when users buy investment plan
=> Fixed known bugs
=> Code optimization, and others.


=> Added Crypto exchange system
=> Admin can now add unlimited custom payment methods with barcodes
=> Admin can now now add any investment duration
=> View users login activities & IP blacklisting
=> New front end with multiple pages (All pages are editable from admin end)
=> Referral link now carries username instead of ID
=> Capture referral username on registration page automatically
=> Users can setup OTP for withdrawal
=> Social login (Google Auth)
=> Optimized, improved security, and many more.


=> Fixed all bugs on the last update
=> Added a chart to admin dashboard to view website stats
=> Admin can now disable and enable recaptcha
=> Added 2FA to admin login


=> Upgraded to laravel 8.x
=> Added Google 2FA
=> Added Google Translation
=> Added Google Recaptcha
=> Added more admin and user controls
=> Added AWS S3 (CDN)
=> Admin can view users wallets from manage users
=> Users can enable/disable Google  2FA
=> Improved security
=> Updated others


=> Added MT4 integration feature - connect with any trading account easily


=> Added Paystack payment gateway
=> Added export feature to all tables to export records to excel, text, or pdf and csv format
=> Changed all email notifications from plain texts to markup (Email template)
=> Fixed add and deleting withdrawal method bug on version 2
=> Fav icon extended to homepage
=> Fixed coinpayments automatic payment bug
=> Corrected others


=> Front end content editing module
=> Fixed add and delete withdrawal method broken link 
=> Fixed update coinpayments details broken link


=> Improved security as always
=> Fixed stripe error on PHP 7.1 >
=> New structure and re organized codebase
=> Admin roles
=> New user and admin dashboard design
=> Improved frontend
=> Light and dark dashboard option
=> Update profile option
=> Improved user experience
=> Favicon management
=> Separated admin and user login page and dashboard


=> Improved security
=> Fixed search user bug
=> Updated others


=> Added Trading account management feature (subscription model)
=> Added a new front end 
=> Added debiting option to manual top up
=> Organized settings page 
=> Fixed manual top up bug
=> Fixed referral bug
=> Fixed withdrawal bug
=> Updated others


=> New feature(s) release
=> Added a new front end with new amazing colour
=> Added email verification after registration
=> Dynamic investment plans on homepage


=> Security update and new features release
=>Stronger and better with ultimate security (Unique file storage system for all users)
=>More dashboard stats
=>More users management features
=>Fixed bugs
=>And more


=>Integrated telegram bot with Online Trade
=>Added feature to switch site colours
=>Added a feature on settings to switch between web dashboard and telegram
=>Added more security


Emergency update

=>Added a feature on settings to know who updated the settings page last
=>Added more protection to route files


=>Changed country field in registration page to drop down


=>fixed error on updating settings
=>Added KYC feature
=>Now 100% compatible with PHP 7.x 
=>fixed error on homepage contact form
=>Updated others on front-end


=>fixed bugs
=>Increased security
=>Added PayPal payment method
=>Updated charts and dashboard
=>2FA verification
=>Signup bonus
=>New front-end template
=>5 Levels referral system
=>Admin one click to sign in to users accounts
=>Enable/Disable trade for individual users
=>Investment amount variation (Invest between a minimum and maximum amount on each plan)
=>Updated others


=>fixed bugs
=>Added transaction (ROI) history
=>Added more stats to dashboard
=>Updated others


=>fixed bugs
=>Added Pagination on users management
=>Added search to users management
=>Send all users mail feature added
=>Added Reinvestment feature
=>Added Automatic payment system for BTC, ETH and LTC using Coinpayments
=>Improved security
=>Live chat management
=>Password reset feature
=>Notify users via email upon registration
=>Notify users via email when ROI drops
=>Notify users via email when investment circle ends
=>And others


=> Fixed error on process deposit
=> Added more deposit methods: Credit card, Ethereum, Bank transfer


=> Added feature to specify referral commission
=> Added feature to specify investment plan top up amount or percentage, top up interval, ROI and investment plan duration.
=>Updated others