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Front End Settings

Modifying or editing your onlinetrader frontend contents

How do I change the default front page content or style?

Most contents of your website can be updated from Admin Dashboard Settings>front-end settings, simply look up the content in the home page and edit it accordingly from your admin dashboard. Any content that is not present on the frontend control page can be edited with the following steps;

The frontend is basically HTML, you can find and edit the files and contents at resources/views/home/index.blade.php

* and it`s main stylesheet can be found at css/frontend_style_default.css and temp/css/frontend_style_blue.css,

Note: this stylesheet is where you can change colours and other properties.

For Testimonials Images To Appear

* Add the testifier image with the add image button. Now add Testimony and select the image you just added.

* You’re done. 😊