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Google Recaptha & Google login

What is Google Recaptha and how to set it up on your website


reCAPTCHA protects your website from fraud and abuse. reCAPTCHA uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to keep malicious software from engaging in abusive activities on your website. Meanwhile, legitimate users will be able to login, make purchases, view pages, or create accounts and fake users will be blocked.

To get Google recaptcha to work in your registration page, please do the following

* Register your domain in the google recaptcha page, to do this click the link

* Enter your domain name, usually NOTE: there’s no need to enter ’https://’ before you type the site name

* Choose reCAPTCHA v2 and select the challenge you want, usually "I’m not a robot" Checkbox”.

* In the Domain Box type your domain name again, NOTE: You can have multiple domain using same google recaptcha

* In the Owners filed, enter your email address, if the one already provided is not yours.

* Accept the Recapcha terms of service.

* You may optionally want to click the box to receive alert

* Click submit

* Copy your site key and secret key.

* Paste them Settings>App setting> Email/google Recaptcha

* That’s all.