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How to install and setup onlinetrader

Server Requirements:


* Ensure your PHP version >= 8.1.0

* Mysql 5.X

This script can work on basic shared hosting or plesk, But we strongly recommend Cloud hosting server for better performance and security reason.


Installation Process:

1. Upload and extract the downloaded project files to your website public_html directory or the directory you which to run your site from (sub-directory or sub-domain) in your filemanager

2. Create your DATABASE and USER E.G. DATABASE: Onlinetrade, USER: trader, PASSWORD: ******** .

3. Ensure you grant the database user all permissions.

4. Visit your domain_name/install to finish installation. eg (If you are installing on a localhost, then ensure to delete the .htaccess file at the root folder before you visit /install).

5. During the installation process, you will be asked to supply your given license key or envato purchase code to activate the product. 

6. After the installation is complete, login to your admin area via and supply your admin login credentials that you have configured during the installation or the default login credentials Password1111/ 

after login, ensure you create your own admin login account and delete the default account (if exist), this is important because so many other users know these login information.

7. Finally, kindly create and login to your account at, navigate to "My account" page, under security tab, copy the personal access token and supply it to your product admin end. This helps us to grant you access to our free addons. Also ensure that your purchase code is supplied to the field where it is required on your product admin end.

Congrats, you are done!


Contact support if you face any difficulty in installation. Support