Last updated 11 months ago

Onlinetrader education module and how it works

Getting started with the membership module

Onlinetrader education or membership module allows you to create lessons and courses to educate your followers. You can create both free and paid lessons and also chose to categorise or group them into courses.


At a glance

  • Admin can create paid or free lessons
  • Admin can group lessons into courses
  • Users can view/watch free courses 
  • Users can pay to view paid contents

How to activate the education module

  • Make sure you have purchased and install onlinetrader 
  • Sign in to your dashboard on and go to addons/modules to puchase the education module
  • Make you have supplied your personal access token to your onlinetrader admin end as stated on the installation guide
  • Go to your onlinetrader admin and visit the settings page, navigate to modules tab and toggle to activate the educationmodule.