Last updated 11 months ago

Onlinetrader signals module and how it works

Getting started with onlinetrader signals module

Onlinetrader signals module allows you as a trader to create and publish trading signals to your followers via a web dashboard and a private telegram channel. With this module, you can create subscription plans and your followers is required to subscribe to a plan in order to receive an invitation link to join the private telegram channel which you have created.


At a glance

  • Admin can create subscription plans
  • Signal followers can choose and make payment for any plan
  • The system auto generates an invitation link for the user to join a private telegram channel
  • Admin can create and publish signals from web dashboard to telegram channel
  • Admin can also create and publish signals from a telegram bot.


How to activate the signal module

  • Make sure you have purchased and install onlinetrader 
  • Sign in to your dashboard on and go to addons/modules to puchase the signal module
  • Make you have supplied your personal access token to your onlinetrader admin end as stated on the installation guide
  • Go to your onlinetrader admin and visit the settings page, navigate to modules tab and toggle to activate the signal module.