Onlinetrader - Regular license

The ultimate tool for professional traders - Regular license. Install on 1 domain

Product Summary.

As a professional trader, OnlineTrader is your No 1 solution for scaling up your trading career. Creating an investment management or pool trading platform, multiple account management (MAM), signal providing, and education/mentorship platform is simplified with OnlineTrader. It's now easy to setup your own platform within minutes.

Onlinetrader is a fully responsive & dynamic system built with Laravel Framework.


Our guarantee

1. Patch and fix any bugs or broken part

2. Answers questions you may have

3. Help get you setup and installed (One time free installation and setup service)

4. Provide excellent support with a fast response rate


Onlinetrader pool trading system at a glance

Admin setup the system

Admin create investment plans (portfolios) of different price and different ROI

User create account and login to dashboard

User deposit funds into his account

User invests into any of the available investment packages (created by admin)

Admin invest the users deposits in his area of trading

Users recieves ROI (profit) in their account in an interval that has been setup by the admin (automatically)

Users can invest in multiple plans

At the expiration of the plan (End of investment circle) the user’s capital is returned (automatically)

The duration of every investment plan is also determined by admin.



* Signal providing module

* Managed account module

* Web based tradecopier

* Membership / education module


* Advanced user and admin management

* Admin roles


* Google translate

* Advance security

* 2FA verification system

* Email verification

* Google authenticator

* Social login

* Five levels verification system

* Live chat management

* Internal email notifications

* Crypto and credit card payment gateways


Browser Compability

Edge (Latest)

Opera (Latest)

Safari (Latest)

Firefox (Latest)

 Chrome (Latest)

 IE 11