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Fraud alert / Customer protection

We only provide support to our customers through skype (Skype support) and Email

We do not offer support on whatsapp, telegram, facebook or instagram.

We are not affiliated with any envato author or external body to provide support or offer services for our products.

We do not offer our products for free download on any website on the internet, beware of scam and malicious contents.

Help us to stay protected by observing the following practices.

Consider hosting our products on a cloud server.

If you must use regular web hosting like cpanel, we recommend turning off SSH access on your server, this will prevent shell uploads on your server and many other security benefits.

Be mindful of the emails you open and the attachments you download from received emails, because this process can be used to install trojan or other virus on your computer which can send all your login information to a remote email address silently without your knowing.