Last updated 2 months ago

How to add a follower account

This will describe how you can add a follower account to receive trades from a provider account.

A Follower account is a trading account belonging to a client or a follower that likes your trades to be replicated in his or her own trading account. Followers account is also known as slave account in other systems.

A follower account can be submitted by the user from the users dashboard when subscribing to your trading service (this process ensures that the user pay for the service while submitting the trading account), the follower account can also be submitted and connected from the admin side.

1. Login to your onlinetrader admin area and click on the "Follower accounts" tab under MAM - Copytrading menu. 

2. The followers accounts page displays two tabs, (submitted accounts and connected accounts tab).
The submitted accounts tab displays list of accounts that has been submitted from the users dashbaord, here, you can review their payments and approve before connecting them to a provider account. 
The connected accounts tab displays list of accounts that has been approved by admin from the submitted account tab, here, you can click on "start copytrading" or "connect" button on each account to choose and connect it to a provider account for copytrading.

3. You can also add a new follower account from the admin side by clicking on "add account" button at the top right of the "connected accounts" page.

The "sync" button is used to keep the connection alive in case the connection is broken.
The "deploy all" and "undeploy all" button is used to deploy and undeploy all accounts respectively. This feature is useful during weekends, holiday periods or anytime that you are not trading, it saves you money on your metaapi account.