Last updated 2 months ago

Onlinetrader investment management module and how to set up plans

This describes the onlinetrader investment management module and how you can setup your investment plans

The investment management module is totally separate from the copytrading module and every other module in the system. You can enable this module only if your business is more in line with portfolio management or pool trading.

The investment management option enables you to take clients money, put them together in one trading account or any investment of your choice and then setup the system (investment plans) to automatically disburse ROI periodically according to your investment yields.

To setup your investment plans, login to your onlinetrader admin area and click on the "investment plans" option under the "Investment" menu. On this page, you can create new plans, modify or remove plans.

Note that for your ROI to work automatically as you have set it up on this page, you must have setup you cron job.